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Are you interested in a more extensive classroom experience? Then ATC’s Artist-in-Residence program is for you! This season, ATC introduces three new Artist-in-Residence sessions that will supplement your curricula, encouraging students to use their bodies, minds, and voices to dive deep into literature studied in the classroom. These comprehensive residencies address Arizona State Standards in Writing, Reading, Social Studies and Theatre Standards while giving your students the opportunity to analyze both content and character.

Available Sessions:

MyShakespeare in a Week

In one week, your students will be acting out Shakespeare’s greatest works. With the help of ATC teaching artists, students learn how to decipher the clues that Shakespeare left in his plays for actors to use as they approach the text and the characters. Using these clues, your students act out key scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, developing characters, improving language skills, and exploring theatre techniques such as staging, props, and costuming. ATC teaching artists assist students as they make dramatic choices that help to tell Shakespeare’s stories. Scenes are performed on the final day using narration written by the students in contemporary English to clarify the plot.

Collaborative Play Development

Theatre is a collaborative art form and is successful only when everyone involved works together as a team. ATC teaching artists will provide your students with the tools to work together effectively toward creating their own shared piece of theatre.


We are all natural storytellers, whether we realize it or not. We tell our friends stories about our day; we tell stories about vacations and adventures we experienced; we even retell the stories of our favorite books and movies. This residency captures the joy and playfulness of storytelling through a focus on improvisation, theatre games, and literacy to harness the energy and inventiveness of young peoples’ own stories.


Session Request Form

All resources are in PDF format.

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ATC is proud to offer educators a wide selection of Master Classes to be presented in the classroom. When you open your doors to an ATC guest artist, your students won’t want class to end. With our creative warm-ups, exercises and activities, these workshops are not only exciting for students but provide cultural enrichment and added educational value. All of ATC’s Master Classes will be tailored to meet the needs of you and your students. The classes listed below are only a sample of possible workshop topics; if you have something else in mind or would like a different spin on one of our offerings, give us a call and we’ll gladly work with you to design something for your class. List of Available Workshops:



Many times actors do not have the luxury of a prepared monologue for an audition. From marking sides to creating a mock audition, ATC’s professional teaching artists show students how to prepare and make choices when an audition requires a cold reading. But what if the actor is supposed to come prepared with a monologue – do your students know how to best find and choose material, work the monologue for the best audition possible, and how to maintain power and confidence in an audition? Auditions can be terrifying even for the most seasoned of actors, but with a little help and preparation, your students can sail through any audition experience. Let ATC guide your students to their best auditions yet and help them prepare for the Arizona State Thespian Conference auditions.

Character Development

ATC’s professional teaching artists use the fundamentals of text analysis to help students discover character motivations, traits, and information that are included within the play. They are then led through supplemental movement, voice and visualization exercises designed to build physical and emotional creativity. With these tools, your students will understand and be able to apply the use of mind, body, and voice in portraying their character. This workshop also includes a section on subtext and how to utilize subtext when creating a character.

Script Analysis for Actors

Do your theatre students know what to do when they first receive a copy of a brand new script? Let ATC help them to know where to begin by teaching them about given circumstances. Script analysis can be daunting, but is one of the actor’s most important tools. From understanding given circumstances and super-objectives to differentiating between character objectives and scene objectives, ATC’s teaching artists will guide your students through the beginnings of script analysis. Students will learn important actor’s tools that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Shakespeare – Acting

Enjoy an hour of performing scenes from your favorite Shakespearean works. Scenes can be pre-selected or you can tell ATC which play will be the focus and ATC teaching artists will choose the scenes for you. Through preparation of their very own scene performance you will watch your students’ understanding of Shakespeare grow. We all know Shakespeare was MEANT TO BE SAID, NOT READ and that is the purpose of this workshop.

Target Acting

Based on Declan Donnellan’s acting treatise, The Actor and the Target, this workshop takes the “magic” out of acting and replaces it with the tools which every actor relies on whether or not they are aware: imagination and attention. The results of this approach to acting are committed, intuitive, and spontaneous young performers. Empower your students to instantly unlock and trust their instincts using six simple steps. Lay the foundation for your students regarding any type of performance: theatre, musical theatre, film, or television.

Acting Basics

Are your students still shy when it comes to performing in front of their peers? Maybe all they need is a new way of learning some basic theatre skills. This workshop allows even the most novice actor to participate in a stress-free, nerve-free environment. Build your students’ confidence and creativity through basic acting, improvisation, and give and take exercises. Examples include:

  • Zip-Zap-Zop – Teaches the value of eye-contact and the passing of energy to one another.
  • Two Truths and One Lie – Strengthens awareness and listening skills.
  • Finish the Story – Promotes spontaneous creativity in a way that stresses the importance of a linear story (with beginning, middle, and end).
  • Trust Circle – Builds a sense of ensemble among students while breaking down barriers and inhibitions.

After an hour of playing, your students will be ready to take center stage!

Advanced Acting

The concepts of motivation and objective are the focus of this workshop. Through games and activities that explore different tactics and motives, ATC’s teaching artists guide students to answer the all important theatre questions including:

  • Who is this character?
  • What does the character want in the scene?
  • Where is the character from? Where is the character going?
  • Why is the character in this scene?
  • How does this character’s presence impact the scene and its outcome?

As students begin to integrate motivation into scene work, their acting will come to life. This workshop can be used in a classroom setting or can supplement your rehearsals for your school’s upcoming theatre production.

Life of an Actor

ATC employs actors from all over the U.S. and the world. Invite one into your classroom to paint the picture for your budding actors about what it takes to make it in this career field. From headshots and resumes to postcards and DVDs, our actors have spent many years perfecting the art of marketing themselves to theatres, agents and studios across the nation. An extensive question and answer session is always the best way for this workshop to provide the most inclusive experience for your students.

Stage Combat

In this workshop, students learn safe and effective ways to sell the illusion of combat. Choreographed stage punches, slaps, hair pulls, and choke holds will have all administrators afraid for their students’ lives…until they learn it is all a trick of the theatre. Safety is the name of the game in ATC’s stage combat workshop. Students follow a trained and certified stage combat professional to learn the best methods to safely “act” a fight.


Costumes for the Stage

From the audience, each costume looks like clothes seen on the runway, but if you look closer costumes are specially constructed for each production. How does the ATC costume shop do it? What are the first, second, third, and final steps in creating costumes? Are costumes made for the specific actor? Are they reused? Where are they housed? Your students have the opportunity to ask a professional – a member of the ATC costume department. And if you’re lucky, they just might be able to dress up as their favorite character from a past show.

Lighting and Sound Design for the Stage

Learn the technical skills needed to design the show of your dreams. Gain knowledge of design qualities, equipment required, and materials necessary to serve the script and the action both visually and aurally. Instructors will teach the “how to” for original lighting and sound design for a variety of dramatic works. Additionally, they will show young designers how to create sound effects to enhance a scene or employ lighting techniques to reinforce a mood.



What does it take to be a director? You must tell a story, create a concept, lead a collaborative process, organize your actors and designers, and produce a performance with purpose. Sound easy? ATC’s staff of professional directors will help students learn how to take a script and create a story that is worth telling. Students will learn how to analyze a dramatic text, research for clues, cast a play, collaborate with designers, and conduct effective rehearsals from some of the best directors in Arizon


Added to and prominent on our roster this season is a program that has been developed over the past months called MyShakespeare. Exemplifying the philosophy of the Education Department that theatre is a catalyst to inspire creativity in young people, MyShakespeare will use Shakespeare’s boundless writings to support educational growth, literacy, social skills, teamwork, and creative independence.

  • “…the program is praised by both students and faculty alike. My own daughter, a 2nd grader, has shared with me information she has gained and evidences an interest in theater I hadn’t seen before. The approach the program takes is one of active participation by all students and teachers. Part of the idea is to break down the barriers in language between our students and Shakespeare’s time. This is done through both group and individual activities. In addition, the students become alive to the powerful themes and dramatic issues presented in the plays and are encouraged to relate them to their own experience and observation.” – Patrick Murdoch, teacher at Young
  • “It was creative, fresh, and made me feel like I was understanding Shakespeare for the first time.” – Dani Piastowski, student at Crossroads High School

Shakespeare’s plays are ideal for cross-curricular work because, while they can be deeply personal and emotionally evocative, they are also political, issue-based, and universal in their exploration of the human experience, while also teaching dramatic structure through the meter and verse of iambic pentameter. After a successful pilot season with year-long partnerships in four schools during 2011-2012, MyShakespeare is looking for new partners in both Tucson and Phoenix. Short-term residencies and single-engagement workshops will also be available. At the conclusion of each season, ATC Education staff will hold feedback and planning sessions with participating classroom teachers to review and reflect on the successes of the program and how to refine it moving forward.

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  • “Open Doors was an incredible experience that exposed me to the arts in a positive way. It was fun plus interactive, I highly recommend it.” –Sam Fay, Mountain Ridge High School, Phoenix
  • “Open Doors did just this: opened the door for creativity, ambition, and learning. It opened my eyes to so many forms of art, and it inspired me to do them for myself. It was such a rare experience that I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of!” –Autumn Coleman, Mountain Ridge High School, Phoenix

What is Open Doors?

Open Doors is a venture to take high school students to see a variety of professional performing arts events in Phoenix. Inspired by a similar program in New York City conducted by the late playwright Wendy Wasserstein, the Open Doors project lives on both in New York City and in this incarnation here in Arizona. The students are a true representation of our community, with a diversity of cultures and gender. After attending each performance, the students participate in an active discussion with the project leaders. Upon completion of the project, participating students from each school will present a culminating project at an Arizona Theatre Company location to demonstrate their understanding of theatre in their lives. The goal is to glean insights from the young people about the impact that exposure to the arts has on their lives and to give these students a chance to experience new adventures.

Our Success

Over the past ten years, the Open Doors Project has taken close to four hundred students who had never experienced professional theatre before to a total of one hundred performing arts events. This year forty new students will not only follow in their footsteps, but surpass previous Open Doors expectations.

For More Information

  • Phoenix:
  • Luke Young, Learning & Education Associate
  • 400 East Van Buren St. Suite 720, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • 602) 256-6899 x 7512
  • Make a Donation Now!
  • Backwards in High Heels


  • Play guides become available throughout the season. Please check back again for more.
  • 2014 – 2015 Season Play Guides



Applications for our 2015-2016 Professional Internship Program are now available!

Arizona Theatre Company supports the ongoing learning of two or three full-time professional interns every season. Each internship is unique and created with the specific individual’s personal passions, abilities, and educational goals in mind. We provide a solid and inclusive professional experience within our company that serves as a springboard to a future carrer. How to Apply

Download and complete our application form and return it to us along with two letters of recommendation and a current resume. No cover letter is necessary.

Specific skill demands vary by department, but basic requirements for any ATC internship include a confident use of English, computer literacy, a sense of humor, passion, and curiosity.

  • Internship Dates: August 2015 through May 2016. Specific start and end dates are negotiable.
  • Application Deadline: May 1, 2015 at 5:00pm MST.
  • Which Internship is Right for Me?

During the 2015-2016 season, we can offer a limited number of internships across the following departments:

  • Artistic
  • Learning & Education
  • Marketing
  • Company Management
  • Stage and Production Management
  • Technical Theatre

Internships vary depending on the individual applicant and their area of interest. However, all internships at Arizona Theatre Company include:

  • Shadowing of theatre professionals, creating contacts that could lead to opportunities following the intern year
  • Creative development with ongoing evaluation and skills-based learning
  • Production experience through involvement with all in-house productions
  • Cross-departmental work within the company to aid understanding of how a non-profit arts organization works as a whole
  • Space to tailor the internship to individual needs and interests
  • Complimentary tickets to all ATC productions
  • A supportive and welcoming environment in which to grow, and the opportunity to speak with previous interns

Internships are non-compensated positions; we offer full-time interns (40 hours per week) a small contribution to help with living expenses. Full-time internships are usually based in Tucson with occasional travel to Phoenix.

  • 2015-2016 Internship Application (PDF)
  • Internship Descriptions


Applicants for this position should be creative, organized, have great initiative and possess excellent communication skills. A curiosity in and passion for directing, theatre literature (dramaturgy & literary management), and artistic administration / arts management is ideal. Individuals with a background or focus in performance are also welcome to apply but should be aware that opportunities to perform at ATC are not included within this internship. As Artistic intern, you will assist the Artistic Director with administrative duties that include communication with guest artists, facilitating auditions, and responding to information requests; you will also support ATC’s Literary Associate with play submissions and other dramaturgical projects as needed. You will be present in rehearsals as assistant to the director for multiple mainstage shows in our season and, where applicable, supervise and rehearse understudies. In addition to those responsibilities, you will also assist the Learning & Education department by contributing to Play Guides, processing student and teacher surveys, and providing support with school workshops and community outreach. This internship is offered as a full-time position only.

Learning & Education

Learning & Education interns may work out of the Tucson or Phoenix office, providing administrative support to the department through such duties as processing Student Matinee reservations, tracking student participation in Learning & Education programs, and maintaining Arizona teacher contact lists. Learning & Education interns will also accompany staff and guest teaching artists on classroom visits and workshops, helping to implement and assess ATC Learning & Education programs through hands-on work with Arizona students. As the internship progresses, additional opportunities to deliver ATC Learning & Education programming will emerge. Proficiency with the Spanish language, while not a requirement, is a bonus. This internship is offered as a full- or part-time position.


In addition to providing general administrative support to the Marketing department, this intern will: assist in the execution of promotions and e-marketing projects as well as the planning and execution of special events, ad trafficking, routing and editing content, and opening night receptions; maintain press clippings, photos, and marketing archives; manage the distribution of promotional materials; and conduct research for collateral, publications, and special projects. The Marketing intern will also provide marketing support for the Learning & Education department. This internship is offered as a full- or part-time position. We can offer this internship for college credit.

Company Management

The Company Management intern will assist the company manager in all areas of guest artist relations, including but not limited to: maintaining guest artist housing and vehicles; scheduling and facilitating guest artist and staff travel to, from, and within Arizona; planning and hosting company Meet & Greets; and keeping updated paperwork for the company management department. Candidates for this position should be flexible and creative problem solvers, have a keen eye for detail, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. This internship is offered as a full-time position only.

Stage and Production Management

The Stage and Production Management intern will assist the Production Manager and Associate Production Manager with day-to-day logistical planning, communicating with technical and artistic staff, and assisting with administrative duties such as expense coding and production meeting minutes. You will also have opportunites throughout the season to work closely with Equity stage managers in rehearsal and performance, with the option to work as part of the technical run crew for our mainstage shows. Roles can vary from season to season, but all offer unique learning and participation experiences. Applicants for these positions should have some prior experience in stage or production management. This internship is offered as a full-time position only.

Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre internships are available in the following areas: Costumes, Props, Electrics / Lighting, Sound, Scenic Construction, and Scenic Painting. Intern placement and training is based on each candidate’s current knowledge and their desire to learn. Interns will gain skills in their desired area through hands-on experience and mentorship from their on-site supervisor. Applicants for these positions should have some prior experience in their field. These internships are offered as full- or part-time positions.


  • 2015 Professional Internship Application
  • 2015 Professional Internship Application
  • All resources are in PDF format.
  • Intern Journals
  • Natasha Smith

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The arts have far-reaching potential to help students achieve education goals.

  • Dance, music, theatre and visual arts are everywhewre in our lives, adding depth and dimension to the environment we live in and shaping our experiences, often so deepy or subtly that we are unaware of their presence. In any civilization, the arts are inspeparable from the very meaning of the term “education”.
    – Arizona Department of Education

Join us for our 2015 -2016 Season as we bring to life stories of human adventure; conflict; humor and love!

Every educator knows that the arts are necessary for a complete education. Classics, cutting edge dramas, grand mucicals-ATC offers a range of theatrical expriences relevant inside the classroom and out. Outreach programs, educational opportunities and accessibility initiatives exist to enrich and connect our patrons of all ages and backgrounds.

Attending Arizona Theatre Company Student Matinee performances allows you and your students to take advantage of these additional incentives:

  • Low Price – $10 student tickets.
  • Play Guides – An in-depth look at each production with classroom activities included.
  • Post-Show Discussions – A lively Q & A session with actors and ATC staff follows every Student Matinee performance.
  • Complimentary Ticktes – Free admission for teachers is offered to our first preview performance in order to ensure suitability for their student’s age group (upon request.)
  • Accessibility for All – ATC offers audio description, American Sign Language interpretation, wheelchair accessible seating, infrared listening devices, and Braille and large-print programs.

Also available (upon request, two weeks in advance):

  • Classromm Visits, Presentations and Workshops – Learn about the theatrical process from working professionals visiting your classroom before or after the performance.
  • Backstage Tours – Take a look behind the scenes and learn about what goes into creating award-winning live theatre at ATC.

Theatre Etiquette

Please review ATC’s guidelines with your students before attending the performance. Please emphasize to your students that while this is both an entertaining and educational event, there are certain guidelines that will make the performance more enjoyable for everyone.


  • Student Matinee Schedule – Tucson
  • Student Matinee Schedule – Phoenix
  • Student Matinee reservation Form – Tucson
  • Student Matinee reservation form – Phoenix
  • Student Matinee Student Survey
  • Student Matinee Instructor Survey

All resourece are in PDF format.

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Inspiring Theatre for High School Students

Announcing our play selections for Summer on Stage! Visit the SOS: Tucson page to read more about our two comedies and to get your registration form.

  • A new comedy by
  • Mark Twain
  • as adapted by David Ives THE WINTER’S TALE
  • By William Shakespeare
  • A musical by Rupert Holmes
  • Original Broadway production produced by The New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp, Producer

What is Summer on Stage?

Summer on Stage: Tucson is a five-week theatre training program that encompasses Summer Backstage culminates in fully-realized productions performed on the main stage of the Temple of Music and Art.

The program is led by Arizona Theatre Company staff and local theatre teaching artists and provides in-depth, quality training experiences for high school students looking to unleash their creativity over the summer.

For more information about each program and how to apply, choose your city:

Take a look at what Summer on Stage is all about!

Tucson Medical Center

Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation