The Temple of Music and Art

The Temple Of Music And Art, built in Tucson in 1927, is historically significant as Arizona’s first community supported musical, theatrical, and cultural center. The main entrance to the Alice Holsclaw Theatre is through the arches of the two-story west elevation. The open loggia above leads to an art gallery managed by Etherton/Stern gallery. The Box Office and a small gift shop are located on the north side of the courtyard.

The first floor of the two-story wing on the south side is home the Temple Lounge, a bar with kitchen rental available. The Cabaret, an informal performance space, occupies the second level. A two-story structure has been added south of the auditorium. The first floor has dressing rooms, wardrobe, and a green room. The second floor houses the Arizona Theatre Company Costume Shop and a Rehearsal Hall.

Temple of Music and Art Mainstage Performance Space

Up to 623 continental-style seats (no center aisles)
Wheelchair accessible seating available.

Stage Dimensions  
Proscenium width: 33’ - 10”
Proscenium arch height: 24’ - 4” (at center of arch)
16’ - 10” (at spring line of arch)
Center Line To:
Edge of Stairs S.R. 40’  0”
Air conditioning ducts S.R. 31’  2”
Edge of Pin Rail S.L. 38’  2”
Air conditioning ducts S.L. 31’  2”
Company Switch S.R. 43’  2”
Plaster Line (U.S. side of Proscenium arch) To:
US rear wall: 31’  9” (at center through backyard)
Last fly line (Line Set 41): 30’  9”
D.S. edge of apron: 11’ 9”
Stage Level To:
House level: -2’ 10”
Orchestra pit floor: -8’ – 11”

Rigging and Soft Goods
(1) Red/burgundy velour house curtain
(8) Black velour masking legs
(3) Black velour masking borders
(1) Black velour backdrop
(1) Black seamless sharkstooth scrim
(1) Seamless white muslin cyclorama
(41) 49’ battens in addition to the house curtain. (MAX load: 1000lbs per lineset)
Manually operated Single Purchase counter weight system with 3/4” rope hand lines.

Lighting System
ETC Obsession II control board
LEE Colortran Dimension 192 Dimmers (342 @ 2.4KW, 3 @ 6.0KW)
342 @ 20 amp circuits, 10 @ 50 amp circuits
*Note:Combined MAXIMUM ACTIVE LOAD for the dimmers is 240 KW.

Throw distance from hanging position to stage floor at center of Plaster line
First Beam 36’-9”
Second Beam 49’-3”
Third Beam 49’-3”
Balcony Railm 43’-3”

Sound System Equipment
Please note: Specialty equipment and additional units have limited availability and may only be used through special arrangement at an additional cost.

Yamaha Dm2000v2

(2) Crown K2 1000 (Main)
(4) Urei (Stage)
(2) Yamaha P2250 (Stage)

(4) EAW JF 560 (Main)
(4) EAW JF 80 (Stage)
(4) JBL 4625 (Stage)

(4) SM 58
(2) SM 57
(2) AKG 460
(2) Crown PCC

CD Player
SFX Computer System

Other Facilities and Equipment
Furnished Green Room (coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator and sink)
Prop Kitchen
Genie Personal Lift
Orchestra Pit (8’11” below stage floor)
Costume Shop
Wardrobe Room
Wig Room
Dressing Rooms: (2) 1-3 person with private restroom. (2) chorus with private restroom.
Lighting cables, gel frames, gobo holders and tophats/ barndoors.

Use of equipment is subject to availability. For more detailed information please contact us or download a complete technical packet.

Temple of Music and Art Informal Performance Space

Brief Description
The Cabaret is on the second floor above the restaurant space. The main entrance is up the courtyard stairs and elevator access from inside the Temple.

The Cabaret is an intimate space with a small proscenium stage at one end. It has oak flooring and French Door style windows along the east and south walls.

There are two (2) glass double doors entrances on the north side. There are “black out” curtains which can be pulled to cover all the windows and doors.

80 - 100 guests.
There is NO permanent seating, chairs may be arranged in various configurations.

Stage Dimensions  
Proscenium width: 17’ - 3”
Proscenium arch height: 9’ - 5” (at the center of arch)
6’ - 6” (at spring line of arch)
Center Line To:
Stage right wall: 13’ - 10”
Stage left wall: 13’ - 10”
Plaster Line (upstage side of the proscenium arch) To:
Rear Wall: 9’ - 6’
Down stage edge of stage:  2’ - 1”
Stage Level To:
House level: 1’ - 3” (there are three steps down)

Rigging and Soft Goods
There is no house curtain
There are no stage curtains
*There is a dead hung pipe grid above the stage and also over the house. Renters may bring in their soft goods and hang from one of the 9 available pipes.

Lighting system
LEE Colortran STATUS 24 / 48 control console.
LEE Colortran ENRE DIMMERS (24 @2.4K each)
(48) Circuits available.

Sound Equipment System
(1) PV MD-12 Mixer
(2) PV M-2600Amps        
(1) Cassette Tape Deck
(4) Speakers (2 PV 115, 2 PV SP-3)
(2) Shure 57 mics with stands

Other Facilities and equipment
(2) 1-3 person dressing rooms located directly behind the stage.
25’ Extension Cord

Special Thanks to ATC's 2014-2015 Full Season Sponsors
I. Michael and Beth Kasser

Administrative Office

343 S. Scott Avenue
Tucson AZ, 85701
(520) 884-8210
(520) 628-9129 (fax)

Venue and Box Office

Temple of Music and Art
330 S. Scott Avenue (Downtown Tucson)
(520) 622-2823 (Box Office)

Please send general correspondence or patron feedback to:

Administrative Office & Box Office

400 E. Van Buren St., Suite 720
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 256-6899
(602) 256-7399 (fax)
(602) 256-6995 (Box Office)


Herberger Theater Center
222 E. Monroe (Downtown Phoenix)